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Vertical slice APIs, containerizing & scaling Luigi, Podman v1.3.0 & more

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.

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May 16 · Issue #21 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for DevOps, SRE and I&O professionals. No attention for paid solutions, unless discussed objectively.

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.

Three models of exception handling
Composite UIs for microservices: vertical slice APIs
Partly cloudy: architecture
Containerizing & scaling Luigi in Kubernetes
The Linux migration: preparing for the migration
New blog post from the man, the myth, the legend, @DavidSc12654562 on

Troubleshooting Kubernetes Networking on Windows: Part 1

8:16 PM - 15 May 2019
Jenkins: validating the behaviour of your pipeline
Back-pressure strategy for a sharded Akka cluster
Rapidly train machine learning models with Kubernetes
A beginner's guide to using CDNs
Microservices & distributed transactions
Stephan Krauß
Docker health checks - Dots and Brackets: Code Blog Docker organisation der Health Checks
4:59 PM - 16 May 2019
Deploy PostgreSQL to a container using ClusterControl
CI/CD for Kubernetes w/ Jenkins and Spinnaker - Part 2
Podman v1.3.0 released
Introducing GitHub Package Registry
Kafka replication: the case for MirrorMaker 2.0
Marko Mudrinić
I'm so excited to share the project I was working on for the past several months!!

Meet KubeOne — a tool for creating and managing #Kubernetes HA clusters!

Check out the blog post I wrote for @Loodse blog to learn more about it
5:09 PM - 13 May 2019
Microservices architecture: intro to Spring Cloud
Akrobateo: general purpose load balancer for K8S
MetricsDB: timeserie database with Twitter metrics
We can do better than SQL
The “Build or Buy” Question
Mariano Martinez Peck
New blog post: #Docker Swarm #ARM #aarch64 cluster running #VASmalltalk! #RaspberryPi and #Rock64 working together! See how easy is to scale you #Smalltalk application using up-to-date tools! @traefik @Docker @Arm #IoT
10:31 PM - 14 May 2019
Impact of MySQL performance-schema-instruments
Systems thinking as important as ever for new coders
Distributed Monitoring: How to understand the Chaos | Gianluca Arbezzano
DevOpsDays Baltimore 2019 - Ignite: Istio+: Enhancing Observability and Tracing
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