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Microservice integration patterns, on-prem Kubernetes problems, K6 load testing & more

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.

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April 24 · Issue #18 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for DevOps, SRE and I&O professionals. No attention for paid solutions, unless discussed objectively.

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.

Protobufs: a faster backend
Deploying your microservices
Containers demystified - Pt 1: kernel space
Two key Docker benefits and how to attain them
Kubernetes - a practical intro for application devs
Domain-oriented observability
Microservice integration patterns
Why turning on HTTP/2 was a mistake
Seth Vargo
This post by @lizthegrey on how and why to setup MFA for SSH is gold!
5:17 PM - 23 Apr 2019
Security as standard in the land of Kubernetes
Dashboarding JVM metrics from OpenShift pods
Istio observability w/ Go, gRPC, and protocol buffers
Sharding 101: the ways of Weaver
Load balancing with NSX-T – Part 1
Javier Luraschi
Got #rayrender by @tylermorganwall working with #apachespark. Used a 10 machine cluster with a total of 80 CPUs running for about an hour to render 25 seconds in full HD -- Now hurry up and get some 🍿! Details: #rstats #sparklyr
7:19 AM - 23 Apr 2019
Micronaut tutorial: server application
Tekton pipelines in Jenkins X - Part 1: add custom steps
Load testing on the web with K6
Locust: load test your architecture
TwirPHP: modern RPC framework for PHP
Don't miss the latest from the blog! ➡️"The Future of Cloud Providers in #Kubernetes" where @a_sykim, @mcrute & Walter Fender outline the Kubernetes Cloud Provider Special Interest Group 🧐
5:41 PM - 19 Apr 2019
Nabla: a new approach to container isolation
Linkerd 2.3: zero-touch & trust Kubernetes networking
Kubernetes tools for on-prem, air-gapped environments
The real on-prem Kubernetes roadblock
Introducing chaos engineering to an organization
-50% ingestion latency by forking the Go compiler
John Cantrell
Just wrote up an explanation of how I obtained the first three key shards in a few minutes today. @wheatpond @martybent
8:46 PM - 16 Apr 2019
Neat trick to avoid rewriting your software product
Why software projects take longer – statistical model
How we used WebAssembly to speed up our app by 20x
Replacing Docker With Podman
Operating within Normal Parameters: Monitoring Kubernetes
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