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Kubernetes 1.14, Grafana logging with Loki, supercharging server timing & more

Hi, I’m Denis, currently DevOps guy for developer platform Jexia. Heads up: this weekly now has its o

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April 1 · Issue #15 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for DevOps, SRE and I&O professionals. No attention for paid solutions, unless discussed objectively.

Hi, I’m Denis, currently DevOps guy for developer platform Jexia. Heads up: this weekly now has its own domain name:

The road to continuous deployment - Part 1
Nicolino D. Oppes
R, Databases, and Docker
11:06 AM - 27 Mar 2019
All you need to know about load balancing (starters)
Running Apache Flink on Kubernetes
The curious case of phantom watches
Using Cadence workflows to spin up Kubernetes
Bas van Essen
Setting up Kubernetes and OpenFaaS on a Raspberry Pi cluster using Hypriot
9:15 PM - 1 Apr 2019
Faster deep learning model training with multi-GPU
Better UX w/ ticket routing and orchestration engine
Reindex 1 billion documents in 1 hour at SoundCloud
Jiří Kunčar
Check out a great blog post: Zero to @reanahub on #OpenStack using #terraform and @traefik
5:34 PM - 5 Feb 2019
25 petabytes later — our image rendering architecture
Scale data lineage for a more reliable & efficient data infra
Setting up secure endpoints in Kubernetes
How to build your own CDN with Kubernetes
Data ingestion at Just Eat – Part 1: the concept
Designing resilient systems beyond retries - Part 3
Beginner's Guide to Postgres Database Server with Docker and Flask #PostgresDatabaseServer #serverless

Via HackerNews
2:04 PM - 29 Mar 2019
Trace KumuluzEE microservices w/ Jaeger & Zipkin
Kubernetes 1.14: production-level support for Windows Nodes, Kubectl updates & persistent local volumes GA
Release Elasticsearch 6.7.0
Grafana logging using Loki
Supercharging server timing with HTTP trailers
New in Prometheus 2.8: WAL-Based remote write
Modernizing Soompi — Part 2
The Road to an Envoy Service Mesh
Hadi Moshayedi
New blog post: "PostgreSQL Internals: TRUNCATE, Part 1" #PostgreSQL #postgres
3:39 AM - 21 Mar 2019
About internal engineering practices at Amazon
All to know about the OSS licensing war - Part 2
Websites that keep loading, and loading and loading
Service Meshes & Kubernetes to solve service-to-service communications - Ben Hall
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