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Key Kubernetes & Docker commands, watch out with Docker-in-Docker, Drone 1.1.0 & more

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.

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April 30 · Issue #19 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for DevOps, SRE and I&O professionals. No attention for paid solutions, unless discussed objectively.

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.

Key Kubernetes commands
Introduction to distributed tracing
Scaling microservices: initial approach
All videos from #SREcon 19 Americas are now posted: Happy viewing!
8:33 PM - 24 Apr 2019
Important Docker concepts and their commands
Distributed tracing with Apache Kafka and Jaeger
Testing Ansible automation with Molecule
Look like a cloud genius — kill zombie capacity
Verify a Linux kernel for container compatibility
Setting up Prometheus Alertmanager
11:03 PM - 23 Apr 2019
Docker-in-Docker for your CI or tests? Think twice.
Thoughts on microservices - Part 3: Throw away ware
Some tips to review Docker Hub hack of 190k accounts
High performance Go workshop
Beyond build - Part 4: Telemetry with Prometheus
Helm 3 preview – Part 2: a gentle farewell to Tiller
I was able to focus on the experimental project for past few days, & made some updates.
Great tools are already there & running, so it was surprisingly fun & easy to develop a serverless web application on-chain! 😁
6:24 PM - 27 Apr 2019
Getting started with Kubernetes (at home) — Part 2
Routing to multiple docker-compose setups w/ Traefik
Monitor Kubernetes & Docker, part 3: Sensu + Prometheus
Announcing Drone 1.1.0
Effective secrets with Vault and Kubernetes
Gérald Quintana
Processing collection variables in @Ansible #blog
2:34 PM - 27 Apr 2019
Docker engine on Intel Linux runs Arm containers
Monitor container vitality and availability w/ Podman
StackStorm - From Originull to RCE - CVE-2019-9580
The zen of test suites
Kubernetes is not your friend
A Linux VM mounting a JS filesystem
Jimmy Lin
Interesting in reproducibility? Participate in the Open-Source IR Replicability Challenge (OSIRRC 2019), a workshop at @sigir2019! co-organized by @frrncl @CharlotteHase @lintool @tetsuyasakai
6:57 PM - 15 Mar 2019
Building a ‘homebrew’ video game console
Why Kubernetes is a great choice for data scientists
Scaling Continuous Delivery to Walmart
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